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by Dr. Laurier Fagnan

dvdDr. Laurier Fagnan has dedicated his career to helping choirs create a more beautiful, energized, in-tune and well blended sound. The method found on this DVD (also available as an mp4 digital download) is the result of Dr. Fagnan’s years of research on the singing voice and vocal acoustics, as well as his hands-on experience working with hundreds of choirs around the globe.

While bel canto principles are typically associated with solo singing, here they are extended and applied appropriately to benefit the art of choral singing. You’ll see the principles being taught to four different choirs and learn as a conductor how to teach them yourself, and as a singer how to produce and experience them in your own singing. The transformative results of this method are also brought to life in cutting-edge, real-time acoustical analyses that vividly display the acoustic difference in the sound before and after the principles and techniques have been applied.

                                                                           Bel canto principles covered on this DVD

Il respiro – If you want to sing beautifully, you must breathe beautifully. Prepare your instrument to sing well with proper inhalation.

Core of Vibration – Sing with an easily controlled, focused tone that carries effortlessly and stays in tune.

Chiaroscuro Resonance Balancing – Realize your voice’s full resonance potential and sing with a balanced, completely bright-warm tone that never sticks out. Sing more expressively, using a variety of vocal colours.

Messa Di Voce – Sing softly with an energized, in-tune sound that carries and retains colour and focus at softer dynamics.

Sostenuto Sing long musical phrases without running out of breath – learn how to make beautiful music in between the notes.

Appoggiare la voceLearn how to make your voice and body work in partnership so that singing is energized without being effortful; expressive without being explosive. Blend easily with other choristers while contributing your maximum potential to the overall sound.

Vocal Tonus – Sing with self-sustaining energy rather than muscular effort. This is the ‘package deal’ of how focused vibration, bright-dark resonance and breath come together in just the right combination to help you sing in the most beautiful yet efficient manner possible.

Included with your DVD or digital download is a 22-page instructional booklet with detailed explanations of all the principles covered in this program.

The information and concepts found on these products can be freely shared and taught. The products themselves (DVD or video file), however, should be kept for your personal use. Please do not share the link you will receive with anyone.


“There is no other DVD like this one!  Kudos to Dr Laurier Fagnan for giving this to the global choral community!

Erica Phare-Bergh – William Aberhart High School Choirs